Cash Strapped Dem Governor Is Open To Paying Illegal Immigrants $600 A Week


States across America are finding themselves in the same situation as businesses both big and small – no income.

For states this is bad news indeed as many have large pension and other debt obligations as well as the burden of paying essential workers to stay on the job.

Wich makes New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy comments about the possibility of giving illegal immigrants $600 every week even more egregious.

The state is broke so he risks his political career in even thinking about this.

From The Blaze:

During Murphy’s COVID-19 news briefing on Thursday, the governor was asked about cash assistance for illegal immigrants.

Immigrants rights group Make the Road NJ released a report titled, “Essential and Excluded,” that documented the “experiences of low-wage immigrant workers and families in New Jersey during the first month of the COVID-19 crisis.”

The 35-question survey was conducted over the phone April 12-18. The poll of 226 “respondents residing in New Jersey,” included 96.4% who said their ethnicity was “Latinx.” A little over half of the 226 participants in the survey, 52%, said their immigration status was “estimated undocumented.”

The Make the Road NJ report was brought up during the New Jersey coronavirus press briefing. Murphy was asked if he would consider issuing $600 a week to illegal aliens “who have lost wages” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Murphy said that he did not see the Make the Road New Jersey report, but did say he is “open-minded to the $600-a-week” payment to illegal immigrants. Murphy also acknowledged that the state of New Jersey is “quite clearly running out of money.”

“It’s not just because I think we’re good guys and gals, but because we’re not going to break the back of this virus unless we bring us all along,” Murphy said.

Judith Persichilli, commissioner of the New Jersey’s Department of Health, urged illegal immigrants without access to health care to contact the state.

You can hear Murphy discuss the possibility of paying illegal immigrants around the 1:05-mark.


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