Chelsea Tweets She’s “Full of Fury” at Trump and Senate Republicans…


Chelsea Clinton took to Twitter Thursday to vent over being “brimming with wrath” at Trump and Senate Republicans.

I am brimming with wrath at @realDonaldTrump & Senate Republicans. For making extra defenseless our effectively helpless: our kids, old, people in prison/detainment, people who are destitute, people w/o protection. To discover today around evening time some benefitted? As my Grandma Ginger wld state To satan.

Chelsea shared a tweet from John Schwartz of the NY Times who composed:

Coronavirus hurts kids: of 2,143 occasions of youngsters under 18, one hundred twenty five adolescents — just about 6 percent—grew intense disease, and one 14-year-old kid with approved coronavirus sullying passed on.

One Twitter client answered to Chelsea to write:Being insulted ain’t doing poo Chels. We gotta burrow profound and do it without anyone’s help.

to which Chelsea reacted:

Would we be able to do both? Be shocked and endeavor to scale up testing, #PPE, our wellness work weight and gadget limit? I guess we can.


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