Jeff Flake Stabs Brett Kavanaugh In the Back To Get Even With Trump


Former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is a disgrace and now we know how much of a disgrace he really is.

Flake was a wishy-washy thorn in Trump’s side and many thought he was positioning himself for higher office with his feuding.

Flake voted to confirm Kavanaugh and now he is spilling the beans about how he delayed the inevitable and called for more investigations into Brett after caving to the Dems because he wanted to get back at Trump.

Flake went on to say that voting against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation would have been personally satisfying. Wow.

From The Washington Examiner:

The Republican, who has a history of trading insults with President Trump, rehashed his role in the Kavanaugh confirmation process in an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday.

After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused the judicial nominee of sexual misconduct, Flake was the lone GOP voice calling for an FBI investigation into the allegation.

The viral moment that gave him the “resolve” to call for the investigation took place when he was confronted by female activists in an elevator.

“I wish that [the investigation] could have started earlier and gone longer,” Flake explained. “And been more thorough. But it was not insignificant. You can’t make those public or nobody would ever submit themselves to appointments or elected office, but I wish the country could have read it.”

The former senator then noted that his vote to confirm Kavanaugh was not a “party-over-conscience vote” and added, “There would have been nothing more satisfying to me than to deny the president.”

“Given his boorish and bullying behavior and remarks about Dr. Ford and whatnot, that would have been immensely satisfying,” Flake continued. “But it would have, I thought, set a precedent that would be dangerous in the long term if we had an allegation that was uncorroborated — that, in and of itself, could sink a nomination. That’s territory that the Senate shouldn’t be in.”


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