Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg Embarrass Themselves With Overreaction To Bill Barr’s New Stone Sentence Recommendation


Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg embarrassed themselves on national television today and did their audience a massive disservice in the process.

It seems like it is impossible to get information without some kind of spin these days – from both sides and that is the real fake news – the spin, they lie, they use statistics in a clever way to reinforce their lies and in that way they dupe the audience.

For the millionth time – Roger Stone got the 9 year sentence recommendation because the prosecutors added time for a “threat” he made to Randy Credico.

Credico did not take it as a threat and wrote a letter to the court asking the judge not to add time to Roger’s sentence over it.

So Barr corrected the guidelines and reduced the ask from 9 years to 4-5 years. But the ladies on the view think this is armageddon? This is why no one trusts the media.

From Breitbart:

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “Prosecutors recommended seven to nine years of jail time for you know who’s insider friend Roger Stone because he lied to Congress, witness tampering, he was obstructing justice, all kind of stuff. Hours after you know who tweeted that it was unfair that the Justice Department said it recommended reducing the sentence, all four prosecutors said, oh, hell no and resigned from the case. Democrats are outraged. Shouldn’t every American be a little concerned about this?”

Co-host and ABC News legal analyst Sunny Hostin said, “It is very, very rare for a career prosecutorial team to make a sentencing recommendation and then have the attorney general get involved. I’ve never seen it happen in my entire career … It just doesn’t happen. The Justice Department is supposed to be nonpolitical. It’s supposed to be impartial. And separate from the executive branch.”

After Hostin said the prosecutors should testify before Congress, Behar added, “As if the Republican Party is going to do something about it. We’re living in a no law and no order … If you’re related to Trump or you’re a friend of Trump, go out and rob a bank because he’s got you covered right now! Go out and commit a crime. Nothing matters anymore.”

She continued, “He fires heroes like Vindman and rewards criminals like Roger Stone. This is the country you are living in right now, ladies and gentlemen. Pay attention, please.”


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