Muslim Woman Awarded $120,000 In Tax Payer Funds For Being Forced to Remove Her Hijab For Mugshot


Whatever happened to everyone being equal under the law?

If there was one typical subject for the last … 4 years or something like that, it is that the law isn’t comparably to all in this nation.

I grasp what you are thinking … ‘it took you until 2015 to comprehend this?’

No, I thought about this before 2015, yet as far back as Trump’s triumph, it seems like the establishment has as of late stopped in any occasion, envisioning that they are not exclude from the laws that apply to every other person, and those of us with explicit characteristics and feelings are reliant upon the usage of the law as a weapon against us.

Not solely are any similarity to HRC and her mates meandering aimlessly, not indicted and sorting out bombshell try after topple attempt against our appropriately picked President, apparently explicit classes of ‘normal’ Americans are presently recipients of ‘extra’ rights.

Audit, possibly, the story we gave a record of in the no so distant past in which a man was sentenced to 15 years for taking and … devouring a gay pride standard.

Devouring the American Flag is Constitutionally verified talk, as I believe it should be. Would I ever devour the American Flag? Probably not, regardless, I do acknowledge that doing so should be verified under the main Amendment as political talk. Also, the showing of the devouring our pennant independent from anyone else educates the nation an extraordinary arrangement seeing who the individual doing thusly, IMHO.

Anyway, apparently a Minnesota woman had the choice to change a criminal traffic offense into a $120,000 pay day in resident stores.

The Gateway Pundit nitty gritty: ‘A judge gave a warrant for Aida Shyef Al-Kadi’s catch after she missed a court hearing after she was ticketed for a traffic offense.

Al-Kadi archived a case ensuring the territory “dismissed her built up rights and mistreated her for her severe feelings” for convincing her to clear her hijab before a male jail secure.

Al-Kadi in like manner says her exacting feelings were mishandled considering the way that she needed to wear a jail uniform — like each other individual in jail.’

According to a report in The Guardian

A Minnesota Muslim woman has gotten $120,000 to settle her case stating she needed to strip in jail and oust her hijab for a booking photo over a traffic offense, the woman and her legal counselors said Tuesday.

Aida Shyef Al-Kadi appeared with her legal counselors at the Minneapolis focal station of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to report the settlement embraced a month back.

Al-Kadi, 57, said her treatment at the Ramsey region jail in August 2013 was “one of the most humiliating and dangerous experiences” of her life.

“I understood that I didn’t require some other Muslim woman to experience what I did,” she said.

Exactly when Al-Kadi gave herself over, she expressed, she was encouraged to oust her hijab and abaya, a long dress that verified her body, before male jail watches. Right when she addressed, she expressed, she was removed from the region and taken to a holding cell, where she cleared her hijab before a male prison guard.

I wonder what number of Jews have sued and won in the wake of being drawn closer to remove a Yarmulke? It’s a certified request, as I don’t have the foggiest thought regarding the suitable reaction.

Under the settlement, the jail has set up express standards about how to oblige prisoners with severe headwear when taking booking photos. The region moreover assented to smash each and every printed form and eradicate any electronic copies of Al-Kadi’s holding photo, the Guardian furthermore uncovered.

What’s your conclusion about this case? I do think the state needs to respect everyone’s religion, and that prerequisites to apply to everyone also.


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