Muslims Complain That The National Anthem Is ‘Oppressive’ And a Method of ‘Forced Assimilation’


According to latest reports from Australia, the countrywide anthem of that united states for a majority of Muslims is “oppressive,” or at least that is the claim that the Islamist activist team Hizb ut-Tahrir claimed at the “Innocent Until Proven Muslim” convention at Bankstown,

The conference used to be attended by means of about 800 people. A key difficulty raised at the convention by using the group used to be Muslim teens being required to sing the Australian national anthem at school.

“The Australian anthem is based totally upon a particular view in history, it is a reading of history, and it is a statement which conforms to unique values. Now, if one does now not share those values, why would they express it?” Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman, Hamzah Quereshi, told The Daily Telegraph. [6] [13] Uthman Badar, the main spokesman for the group, claims that the Australian government “claims to find the money for freedom, but seeks to impose values and beliefs” on Muslims.

He continued; “It’s not sufficient that you obey the law, no, you have to adopt our values.” “If you don’t share those values, why ought to they be forced to sing it?” Mr. Badar advised the conference. [1] There is a fantastically appropriate purpose for that, like Robert Spencer has noted: “Because if you don’t adopt our values, sooner or later you will subvert the law.

A state of humans except shared values will sooner or later cave in into dissolution and possibly civil war.” [3] This also begs the question: if you don’t share the values of the us of a you are residing in, why don’t you choose to stay someplace else? [14] This remark from the muslim community comply with a backlash from many politicians and commentators to information last week that the principal of a Victorian primary college had excused Muslim college students from singing Advance Australia Fair.

Mr Badar said the campaign by government and agencies towards radicalisation used to be truely a smokescreen to “make Muslims much less Islamic”. “It is nothing much less than forced assimilation … sought to be justified by exaggerated concern of a safety threat,” he said. Government efforts to promote what it payments as a moderate form of Islam would possibly on occasion “buy out some Imam”, Mr Badar said, however overall, “the try to reform Islam is doomed to failure.” [3] The conference heard a collection of participants of the Muslim community, some through prerecorded audiovisual clips and some stay from the flooring — deliver testimonials of what they claimed was once oppressive behaviour with the aid of officers towards them as Muslims, at airports, in police raids, and in excessive safety prisons.

The conferen
ce is simply one example of the refusal of Muslims to assimilate to the international locations that they pick to be a phase of. Is it oppressive to ask that the community show delight and respect for their home? Apparently so. The irony of direction is that whilst Muslims whinge of assimilation, the teachings within the Koran preface to many simply the opposite, and records has confirmed all through the ages, that commit training Muslims, in many instances when in the majority pick subjugation rather than assimilation.

These are the specific identical Muslim migrants that are coming to the U.S. in droves. There is no motive to assume that the outcomes will be distinctive right here than they are with this case in Australia. Polls have proven many times that Muslims do not maintain a nations laws over Sharia law. [1] There’s of path an effortless and apparent remedy in solving this difficulty of what Muslim’s consider “an oppressive campaign” of “forced assimilation”…that apparent remedy, “don’t migrate to those countries that assume you to assimilate”, it’s absolutely that easy.


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