Obama Laughs & Ignores Subpoena To Testify Before Congress


President Trump and the Republican Party owe Jim Jordan a great deal of thanks. He has almost singlehandedly dismantled the democrat’s fake impeachment inquiry and exposed the democrat corruption that started it all. He now intends to turn the tables, it seems. Jordan has issued subpoenas to several high profile democrats to testify at the inquiry. These include Hillary Clinton, Michael Dukakis……and Barack Obama.

Obama was sent a subpoena to appear before congress via the official congressional aide subpoena delivery service. Appearing before congress is a serious matter but Obama did not seem to see it that way. The messenger stated to Jordan upon his return that Obama simply “skimmed the document then began to laugh uncontrollably, so much so that he peed his pants a little, before slamming the door in my face.” The invitation directed Obama to testify next week but Obama, through his attorney Joseph Barron, has already RSVP’d to Jordan in the negative – he will not be appearing, saying that he had “better things to do with (his) time.” But he had more to say. Barron provided us some of Obama’s letter of decline:

“Trying to go after me as ‘revenge’ is laughable. You have nothing. This is just for political points to please Trump’s dumb as rocks base.

Would you care to know why you have nothing? You already know. Because I committed no crimes. Your orange idol just points to me and accuses me of everything he’s caught at and you follow through hoping for another opportunity to lick his mushroom cap. It couldn’t be more transparent.

You guys are pathetic.

Love & Regards from the Obama Family.❤️”

Not complying with a congressional subpoena is a felony. This is just the latest event in his crime spree. He needs to be locked up.


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