Watch Joe Biden Lapse into Utter Nonsense When Pressed on China and Son Hunter


Former Vice President Joe Biden once again spoke nonsense instead providing a coherent answer in an interview this week.

It’s just the latest in a long string of gaffes that the 77-year-old presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has made in recent weeks and months.

In an interview with WFOR that was released in full Monday, reporter Jim DeFede asked Biden how the issue of China is going to play into the coming election in light of rumors about his son Hunter’s “business dealings” in the Asian nation.

President Donald Trump has accused Hunter Biden of enriching himself off of investments in China.

While the claim itself is not substantiated, it’s the confusing nature of Biden’s answer that was revelatory.

“My son’s business dealings were not anything what everybody that he’s talking about. Not even remotely,” Biden said, in what could generously be described as an incoherent mash-up of phrases.

Biden went on to attack Trump’s business dealing in China instead.

He did not address the accusations against Hunter Biden again.

Biden’s full interview with the outlet can be seen below:

Clips of incoherent answers like these explain why many people are asking questions about Biden’s cognitive health.

While there’s no definitive proof he is suffering from cognitive decline, it’s hard to ignore the head-scratching things that the 77-year old frequently says.

The Biden campaign has defended speculation about Biden’s mental decline, yet the gaffes keep coming.

Is Joe Biden mentally unwell?

Last month, for instance, the New York Post chronicled a particularly tough day for Biden, as he spoke nonsense on ABC’s “The View,” CNN and MSNBC, all in the same day.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Biden has cover to stay home and only sporadically make public appearances.

However, as the election draws nearer, the American people will soon begin to see the true scope of his current mental capabilities — for better or for worse.


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